GraphQL with Maarten Louage

Episode #19 Published Wednesday, October 28, 2020

In this episode, I talk with Maarten Louage about GraphQL. I find out what GraphQL actually is, what it can do and why I should use it. I went blank into this conversation, with little knowledge about GraphQL, and I am delighted about it and will certainly try out an implementation of it (as GraphQL is not a technology, but a specification). So if you want to create easy to use APIs that are fast, listen to the episode to learn how to create those with GraphQL.

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Maarten Louage is a true .NET XPRT, currently working at XPRTZ. He has designed and developed large-scale distributed applications but finds also real pleasure in small applications. Besides solid knowledge of .NET, Maarten has a profound love for all things web related, both frontend and backend.


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