ASP.NET: Dependency injection, Configuration, Background workers, Testing and more with Steve Gordon

Episode #18 Published Tuesday, October 20, 2020

In this episode, I talk with Steve Gordon about ASP.NET. We cover lots of important ASP.NET topics, like dependency injection, the configuration system, how to run background processes in ASP.NET and how to test ASP.NET applications with integration- unit- and UI tests.

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Steve Gordon is a Pluralsight author, Microsoft MVP and senior software engineer, based in the UK. Steve is passionate about community and all things .NET related, having worked with .NET for over 18 years. He enjoys sharing his knowledge through his blog, in videos and by presenting talks at user groups and conferences. Steve is excited to be a part of the .NET community, and in 2017 he founded .NET South East, a .NET Meetup group based in Brighton. He enjoys contributing to and maintaining OSS projects. You can find Steve online at his blog and on Twitter as @stevejgordon.


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