Neurodiversity in tech with Elizabeth Schneider

Episode #17 Published Wednesday, October 14, 2020

In this episode, I talk with Elizabeth Schneider about Neurodiversity in tech. We talk about what neurodiversity is (for instance people on the spectrum of autism, or Asperger's) and how that can affect the workplace. We touch on how people interact, what kind of stereotypes there are about neurodiversity, how teams and companies can help neurodiverse people and more.

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Elizabeth is a self-taught engineer with a decade of working with DevOps patterns and practices. As a senior consultant with Microsoft Consultant Services, she helps clients with .NET, Kubernetes, and Azure.  

As an out Trans woman with Asperger's, Elizabeth advocates for neurodiversity and LGBT issues in the tech industry. 

In her free time, Elizabeth maintains the open-source project ZendeskAPI_v2 ( 


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