RavenDB with Oren Eini

Episode #13 Published Wednesday, September 16, 2020

This week, I talk with Oren Eini about RavenDB, which is a NoSQL Distributed database that is lightweight (it can run on a Raspberry Pi), is very fast and has lots of cool features. We talk about how Oren got started in software development and why he started building RavenDB. And we get into all the things that RavenDB can do.

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Oren Eini is the CEO of RavenDB, a NoSQL Distributed Database that's Fully Transactional (ACID) both across your database and throughout your database cluster. RavenDB Cloud is the Managed Cloud Service (DBaaS) for easy use.

Oren Eini, aka Ayende Rahien, is a frequent blogger at ayende.com. He has over 20 years of experience in software development with a focus on the Microsoft and .NET ecosystem.

Oren has been awarded Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional. He's an internationally acclaimed presenter appearing at DevTeach, JAOO, QCon, Oredev, NDC, Yow! and Progressive.NET conferences as well as authoring "Inside RavenDB", published by Hibernating Rhinos.

He remains dedicated and focused on architecture and best practices that promote quality software and zero-friction development.

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